4.2 million Norwegians own their dwelling

dwellingDwelling.Photo: pixabay.com

Almost eight out of ten households in this country own their own home, and nearly half live in detached houses, according to figures from Statistics Norway.

Among people with lower incomes it’s more common to rent.
In all, 4.2 million live in owned housing in this country. This corresponds to 83 percent of the population.

The most common is freehold housing, but there are large geographical variations, according to the figures from Statistics Norway (SSB).

Measured are the number of private households, there are almost 2.3 million in Norway, 77 percent live in their own home, while 23 percent rent.

Single mothers and fathers who are alone with young children under five are the most comely renting. The proportion of renters among single people (without children) are almost as large as those who own property. One out of four who lives in Oslo rent their home.

63 percent of all households are owner-occupiers, while 14 percent is state equity or shareholders.

According to figures from Statistics Norway 11 percent live in small households, around 540,000 people live in cramped housing conditions. Nearly one in four children under are five living in these cramped conditions.

Staying cramped is primarily a city phenomenon. In Oslo, 22 per cent of residents live in homes that are defined as small, while in cities such as Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø, the proportion is around 15 percent.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today