4 billion in funds set for walking and cycling routes

BicycleBicycle.Photo: pixabay.com

The government will use 4 billion for walking and cycling routes outside the nine largest cities in Norway.

‘Funds for pedestrian and cycle paths along the highways outside the nine largest urban areas are included in a total framework of 36.9 billion for national highways.

Walking and cycling measures will be concrete in the work of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s action program,’ said the Ministry of Transport and Communications to Dagsavisen newspaper.

The money is part of a larger fund of 11.7 billion, as Minister of Transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen of Fremskrittspartiet (Frp) previously discussed with the newspaper.

The amount is spread over the years 2018 to 2029, and includes ‘program areas outside the nine largest urban areas, the grant scheme, and bicycle paths (sykkelekspressveier) in the nine largest urban areas.

Within the framework of 11.7 billion, it’s estimated that 4 billion are for pedestrian and bicycle roads, but the final distribution of funds will happen later, according to the Ministry.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today