50 new toll stations under consideration in Oslo

toll stationsOSLO. Toll stations : Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

During the spring, a proposal will be presented for new toll stations in Oslo. One of the proposals under consideration involves 50 new toll stations, reported NRK news.
‘Today, approximately half of the car journeys in Oslo do not pay toll. Therefore, we are looking at a system that to a better degree evens out the toll burden between a greater number of motorists’, said Terje Rognlien, head of Oslopakke 3-sekretariatet, to NRK news.

In the Oslopakke 3-sekretariatet agreement between the state, the City of Oslo, and Akershus County Council that was agreed last year, it included the introduction of new tolls on several occasions.

By April the 1st, the Secretariat will submit a proposal that the positioning, and appraisals, of the new toll stations should be implemented from 2019.

Several choices are being considered. NRK news gained access to an outline that was presented earlier in February 2017.

This outline includes a new interior congestion toll along ring 2, and the inner toll area will gain an arm northeasterly via Sinsen, so that traffic between east and west, including ring 2, must pay toll. It also introduced new barriers at the town borders at Romerike and Follo.

Rognlien emphasised that they will be working out various arrangements for discounts, and schemes where it will be cheaper if one passes through several toll stations within a short span of time.

The Environment and Transport councillor in Oslo, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDG), said she is open to consideration of several models.

‘The most important thing for me is that changes to the toll booth system helps reduce air pollution, and traffic in Oslo’, she said, adding that preliminary estimates indicated that a tolling system along Ring 2 would have a positive impact in that area.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today