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577 067 establishments in Norway



There were just over 577 000 establishments in Norway at the start of 2018. Compared with January 1st, 2017, this is an increase of 2.1 percent.


Most establishments were registered in Oslo and Akershus. A total of 88 463 establishments were registered in Oslo and 60 570 in Akershus. Compared with the start of 2017, the number of establishments went up about 3 per cent both in Oslo and Akershus.

There were significant sectoral differences in the number of establishments. Non-financial sector activities accounted for almost half of all the establishments. The households also had a significant share. Nine out of ten establishments were either in the household sector or in the non-financial sector.

Most of the establishments were in the retail trade and repair of motor vehicles, with 13 per cent of the establishments belonged to this industry.


Source: SSB / Norway Today