8.25 million towards seafood measures

Fish Seafood Salmon nesvikSalmon. Photo: Norway Today Media

The seafood effort continues – provides 8.25 million towards seafood measures

Press Release (Ministry of Fisheries) : The Ministry of Industry and Fisheries takes children’s diet seriously and in 2017 allocates NOK 12.25 million to projects that will provide children and young people with positive seafood experiences.


– Ensuring good dietary habits among children and young people is one of the most important investments we can make for future generations. Children are eating more candy than seafood and the seafood consumption in Norway is on its way down. These are trends we must take seriously, says Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg.

Under the subsidy scheme “Sea Measures”, the Ministry of Food and Fisheries supports projects that help give children and young people good taste experiences with seafood and create good dietary habits in the early stages of life.

– The commitment to a better diet is large throughout the country and this year more applications have been received than ever before, says the Minister of Fisheries.

There is a total of NOK 8.25 million available for seafood measures in 2017. In addition, the diet program “Fiskesprell” (Jumping Fish) receives NOK 4 million.

The Ministry of Industry and Fisheries contribution to maritime measures for 2017


  • Folkeakademiet Øksnes 10.000
  • Røst kommune 25.000
  • Barents Musikk- og kulturforum 65.000
  • Merkevareforeningen for Norsk Hval 75.000
  • Grov skole 100.000
  • Opplæringskontoret for fiskerifag i Troms 100.000
  • Nordkapp Filmfestival 100.000
  • Finnmarksrittene 100.000
  • SMAK Nordnorsk matfestival 180.000


  • KnarvikMila 75.000
  • Tomatfestivalen 16.000


  • Hildring Norway 150.000
  • Kulinarisk akademi 350.000


  • Norsk Smaksskule 140.000

The seafood contributions are awarded in three rounds. Application deadline for the third and final allocation round in 2017 is September 1st.



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