820,000 Norwegians buy fast food at petrol stations every month

fast food Fast food.Photo: Junge, Heiko/NTB scanpix

820,000 Norwegians buy fast food at petrol stations and kiosks monthly.Now the government has entered into cooperation with the catering industry for healthier food.


The fresh figures, which the Norwegian Directorate of Health has extracted from ‘Norwegian Food Facts 2018’, also show that 216,000 Norwegians buy sausages at petrol stations every other week, while 130,000 buy bagels, sandwiches and packed lunches weekly.

“Everybody should be able to take healthy food and beverage choices on the go, but those who often use such offers have a special need for easy access to healthy, tempting meals and water. This is also something we know many consumers want,” said Linda Granlund,Senior Vice President at the Directorate of Health.

On Thursday, public health minister, Åse Michaelsen of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) participates in a meeting with leaders in the food industry.The parties will sign a letter of intent to reduce the intake of salt, sugars and saturated fat in the population, as well as increase the intake of fruits,berries, vegetables, coarse grain products and fish. Petrol stations and kiosks will also join the letter of intent.

“It is incredibly positive that the catering industry is also formally joining this collaboration,” said Linda Granlund.

Petrol stations have become an important part of the meal market, and for many with mobile jobs, such as drivers and craftsmen, these places are, in practice, job cantines,’’ added Granlund.

“We hope for more follow up in the future, that markets receive the offerings well, and offer both regular and small portions,” said Granlund.


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