A new future in Norway: Norwegian plastic goods

plastic goodsPlastic goods.Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix

Norway has sent 18,000 tonnes of plastic bottles a year to Sweden and Germany for recycling so far. Now, the plastic is being revitalized as new bottles in Norway.

Norwegians are at the top of the world when it comes to pledging empty goods and 88 percent of the beverage packaging, reports Adresseavisen.

Everything is sorted and sent to the returning company Infinitum’s three plants in Fetsund in Eastern Norway, Torgård in Trondheim and in Bjerkvik in Nordland.

Aluminum and glass packaging are recycled again and again, but the plastic recycling rate has been far lower. Now, for the first time, recycled bottles will be produced in Norway from used plastic bottles. The plan is that all bottles that are pledged in Norway can be recycled at the recycling plant at Heia near Fetsund from 2021, according to Infinitum.

While the recycled plastic sent out of Norway is often burnt, recycled as heat, and thus only used once, the plastic from now on will have a much longer life.

“It is very nice that we will now get this in this country. This way, plastic bottles can be recycled around 100 times,” said Åge Skagen, department manager at Infinitum and head of the company’s collection plant at Torgård in Trondheim.

The new plant is located in Fetsund and will produce a raw material called preform bottles made from granulate and derived from recycled plastic. These are inflated into new bottles in the bottlers and filled with soft drinks, water, beer, juice and other beverages.

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