Agreement on Norwegian-Russian quota agreement for 2017

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Norway and Russia have agreed on a new quota agreement for 2017.


The agreement was signed in Moss on Thursday, marking the 40th anniversary of the Joint Norwegian-Russian Fisheries Commission.

The new agreement gives Norway a cod quota of approximately 400,000 tons, which is roughly the same as the current contract. This equates to about 60 full trucks, every day, all year round.

– This is a unique collaboration on the management of the main fish resources in the Barents Sea.

The agreement ensures that the sustainable harvesting of these resources continues.

The revised management rules for cod, haddock and capelin supply will still be well cared for, says Fisheries Minister Per Sandberg in a press release.

The total cod quota is 890,000 tons in the Barents Sea. Norway and Russia have agreed on quotas for cod, haddock, capelin, Greenland halibut and deep sea redfish, access to hunt snow crab and the conditions for implementation of fisheries research expeditions in each other’s zones.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today