Agreement reached out to increase the defense budget by 400 million


Government parties and the Labor Party will be agreed to increase next year’s defense budget for about 400 million Kroner.

However, this would not be enough for the centrist parties Sp (sentrumspartiene), KrF and Left.

Negotiations continued Thursday afternoon in Parliament between the parliamentary leaders.

Leader of the Liberal party (Venstre-leder), Trine Skei Grande, mentioned clearly before the meeting that they are going to talk about very specific issues and this is not “nonsense.”

At this point in the parliament the Labor Party, the Conservatives and the Progress Party have agreed to preserve the alignment but it is not clear if centrist parties would support this.

The decision to move the helicopter base from Bardufoss to Rygge pushed on to the existing plan according to NRK.

According to the newspaper Fremover, the solution would not be to share the service between Andøya Air Station and Evenes.

Bladet Vesterålen also wrote that Andøya will be closed because the cost of a shared solution become too large.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today