Airbnb will enter tax treaties with over 700 cities

Brian CheskyAirbnb Chief Executive Brian Chesky poses for Reuters in Los Angeles, California, U.S..Photo:REUTERS/Phil McCarten

By the end of next year hoping online company Airbnb to have concluded agreements on taxation of rental operations in over 700 cities worldwide.

Airbnb conveys rent of vacant rooms, apartments and second homes to travelers.

Renting out via Airbnb or similar online services are becoming popular, but many in the tourism industry have been unhappy about the competition from private who apparently has been subject to different tax rules than those engaged professionally.

In Norway, the Tax Directorate stated that individuals engaged in short-term rental, should plan on paying VAT and taxes if the business has “a certain amount” and “a certain duration.”

In 2015 France put Airbnb into an automatic tax on orders of lodging in Paris and Chamonix and it is expected that similar agreements will come in a number of other cities. The company has around 200 tax treaties with various governments.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today