Aker Solutions is downsizing in Helgeland – 40 to lose their jobs

Aker Solutions Headquarters ReinertsenAker Solutions Headquarters. Photo Norway Today Media

On Wednesday, employees at Aker Solutions in Sandnessjøen were told that parts of the operation would be closed down. 40 employees will soon be out of work.

Aker Solutions will maintain the activity at the engineering office in Sandnessjøen, while the manufacturing workshop will close its doors for good. 31 employees and nine apprentices will lose their jobs, reports NRK.

The union representative and labor leader Oddvar Hølland summarizes the cause as follows:

“The oil price has gone down, as has the stock price. The group has run out of money, and then came corona as well.”

Kjell Giæver, director of the Petro Arctic interest organization, says the decision testifies to dark times in the oil and gas industry.

“What we are experiencing now is a double tsunami that’s hitting the business world, and that hits the oil industry double as the oil price falls dramatically.”

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  1. The government should step in to Stop Aker eng. outsourcing their Engineering projects abroad and bring the work back to Norway, the same with Abiel eng. The fabrication sites in Norway should be used again. Norway must create jobs HERE, the present situation with one man getting super rich on the back mass unemployment is a scandal especially in these times

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