All foreign seasonal workers in agriculture are allowed to enter Norway again

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The government has decided that all foreign seasonal workers who will be working in agriculture can enter Norway.

“I am pleased that we will now be able to make changes to the regulations, which means that seasonal workers from countries outside the EEA who are going to work in agriculture can come to Norway,” says Agriculture and Food Minister Olaug Bollestad (Kristelig Folkeparti).

“This is important for our industries. There are many producers who have used seasonal workers from other countries for many years. Now we are open for employers to get the manpower they need,” she continues.

Quarantine Rules
The Government emphasizes that seasonal workers must comply with the quarantine rules at all times after arrival from abroad.

Justice Minister Monica Maeland (Høyre) says it is important to open up when the infection situation permits.

“That is why we are now making it possible for seasonal workers from abroad to come to Norway. I still have to remind employers that the contagion situation presents practical challenges,” says Mæland.

Limited air traffic
Among these challenges is that most of Norway’s visa application centers abroad are closed for the time being, and that there is limited air traffic.

“The government is constantly working to find the right balance between the prevention of infection and other important social considerations,” the Minister of Justice said.

The government also opens the way for families, cohabitants and children of EU and EEA citizens to enter Norway.

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