All new taxis in Agder to be electric from 2021

TaxiIllustration .Taxi. Photo: NTM

All new taxis in Agder Taxi will be electric from 2021 and the goal is that the entire taxi park in 2024 will be emission-free.

Agder Taxi will be the first taxi company in the country to have such an ambitious strategy, writes Fædrelandsvennen Friday. The company hopes that the green shift will give them a competitive advantage.

– “We see more and more clearly that society must move in a green direction with lower emissions. There we want to take a leadership position and a local responsibility. We expect both public and private customers to demand that we offer an environmentally friendly car park,” says Marketing and Communications Manager Carl Fredrik Holst of Agder Taxi.

Holst is confident that the general meeting will say yes to the company’s recommendation on switching to electric cars.

Director of the Taxi Federation, Janne Skåle Thowsen, congratulates Agder Taxi on an offensive environmental initiative.

– “Some other taxi stations encourage members to consider emission-free cars, but I do not know anyone who has come as far as in Kristiansand,” says Thowsen to Fædrelandsvennen.

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