April traffic figures – solid growth continues in Northern Norway

Airport.Airport.Photo Avinor.

The April figures show little change in the total number of passengers compared with the same month last year (+0.1 per cent).


The total figures for Avinor’s 46 airports show a 2 per cent increase in domestic traffic and a 2.2 per cent decline in international traffic. Offshore figures continue to drop – there were 22.4 per cent fewer offshore passengers in April of this year compared with April 2015.

The number of passengers travelling to and from airports in Northern Norway continues to grow significantly. Both Tromsø Airport, Langnes and Bodø Airport saw a passenger increase of more than 4 per cent in April, while the number of passengers at the local airports in Northern Norway increased a whopping 9.1 per cent.

Up in Oslo and Trondheim, down in Bergen and Stavanger
Trondheim Airport, Værnes, and Oslo Airport also experienced passenger growth in April, 2.5 per cent and 1.7 per cent, respectively.

Bergen Airport, Flesland, saw a decline of 3.5 per cent, and Stavanger Airport, Sola, saw a reduction of 6.7 per cent in the number of passengers. Other airports with significant offshore-related traffic are also experiencing less traffic.

“Traffic growth in April is affected by the fact that Easter fell in March this year. This has a positive effect on the number of domestic passengers in April, but has the opposite effect on the number of international passengers,” says director of traffic development in Avinor, Jasper Spruit.

2.1 per cent growth so far this year
A total of 9 456 777 passengers have travelled on domestic flights via Avinor’s airports so far this year. This is a 2.3 per cent increase compared with last year. A total of 5 562 756 passengers have travelled on international flights – an increase of 2.4 per cent. Overall, 15 183 423 passengers have travelled through Avinor’s airports so far this year, a 2.1 per cent increase compared with last year.

Comment: error in March figures for local airports in Finnmark.
Unfortunately, the March figures contained an error for certain local airports in Finnmark county. For example, a very significant decline was reported for the number of passengers at Berlevåg, Båtsfjord, Vardø and Vadsø. The mistake has been corrected, and the correct traffic figures are available on our website (https://avinor.no/konsern/om-oss/trafikkstatistikk/trafikkstatistikk). Berlevåg, Båtsfjord and Vardø experienced good growth in March, and Vadsø saw a traffic decline of 4.2 per cent.


Source: Avinor / Norway Today