April was a record month for Norwegian beverages

Wine and alcopops sales up, beer and spirits downA cold beer. Photo Norway Today Media

The record heat in April led to a sales record for Norwegian-produced drinks.

‘’Winter fatigued Norwegians know how to seize the opportunity when the sun is out and the temperature makes it possible to sit outside. A record hot spring sun clearly made many people thirsty’’ said Director,
Erlend Vagnild Fuglum of the Brewery and Beverage Association.

Fuglum said that Norwegian-produced drinks sales grew in all categories.

‘’It is nevertheless worth noting that growth is low on soft drinks, which are still affected by the sugar tax’’ he said.

Beer sales increased by a total of 19.2% in April compared with the same month last year.

The proportion of Norwegian-brewed beer increased somewhat more than the general growth. Small-scale breweries saw a real sales growth of 15.7%.

Sodas (brus) had the lowest growth in April of 3.8%. Although sugar-free soda increased more than the total, the total soda-pop sales so far this year are the third lowest since 2010.

In April, cider had a growth of 24.6%, water 13.4%, and energy drinks 44.1%.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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