Ap with NOK 2.7 billion to municipalities

ArbeiderpartietArbeiderpartiet.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Arbeiderpartiet (Ap) to strengthen the municipal economy by 2.7 billion

Arbeiderpartiet (Ap) entered its alternative state budget to allocate almost 3.5 billion more to the municipalities and counties.


The amount is divided into NOK 2.7 billion more to the municipalities and 500 million more to the counties.

“In addition, we are reversing the government’s cuts in regional development funds by about 260 million NOK,” said the Ap spokesperson, Eirik Sivertsen, to NTB news.

He justified the increases with the fact that the municipalities face major tasks and investments in order to provide better services in kindergartens, schools, and care facilities.

“And the county councils play an important role in providing higher education, creating jobs, and building roads,” said Sivertsen.

Ap’s alternative state budget is scheduled to be presented on Tuesday this week.


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