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Autonomous Cars – Norway in high level EU group

Tom Cato KarlsenSecretary of State Tom Cato Karlsen and the Dutch transport minister Melanie Schultz van Haeger. Photo: Ministry of Transport

– European cooperation is important both to retrieve experiences and information from other countries.

Norway participates in the establishment of a new high level-group for autonomous cars in EU. This is a good venue to inform the EU about what we are doing in this field in Norway, and to learn from what they are doing in the other EEA countries. We wish to facilitate for the testing of autonomous vehicles within the frames of traffic safety, availability, data security and privacy. I therefore believe that Norwayshould be an interesting testing ground for various participants on both the national and European level.

This according to Undersecretary Tom Cato Karlsen who, on February 15th, participated in an EU ministerial meeting in Amsterdam on C-ITS (Connected Intelligent Transport Systems) and Autonomous vehicles. Host for the meeting was the Dutch transport minister Melanie Schultz van Haeger.
Rapid development requires European cooperation

The government is captivated by securing arrangements for introduction of Autonomous vehicles into the marketplace

.- Development in this area is very rapid and a lot has happened since last spring, both at national level and at EU level. Cars and Lorries cross borders. Coordinated efforts in Europe are therefore important to facilitate for further technology development. We wish to extract the positive effect this could have on traffic safety, mobility and environment, says Undersecretary Karlsen.


Source: Ministry of Transport / Norway Today