Ban on phone sales from hidden numbers

Phone, hidden numbersPhone, Photo: Norway Today media

Phone companies to lose income from offering hidden numbers

The Parliament has adopted more restrictions in the telephone sales regulations, including a ban on hidden numbers and pre-filled invoices.


Telephone sales top the complaint statistics of the Consumer Ombudsman. Now it becomes more difficult for telemarketers to contact those who have reserved themselves against such sales.

The Parliament unanimously voted for amendments to the Marketing Act on Tuesday. The changes are only waiting for the second review to become law.

All changes of Norwegian legislation has to be reviewed twice by the Parliament, which in this case will be a formality.

No more hidden numbers

It will be forbidden to use hidden numbers to perform telephone sales.

Searchable numbers in the enlightenment service make it easier for the consumer to identify who has called.

A ban on the use of hidden numbers will naturally make it easier for the Consumer Ombudsman to prosecute relevant complaints.

No more cross-business marketing

The new legislation will also prohibit a business operator from obtaining consent to telephone sales on behalf of multiple businesses, for example, when consumers participate in a competition or survey on the Internet.

Sneaky Non Government Organizations not exempt

A third ban regards support letters from NGOs. Non Government Organizations (NGO) can no longer send a request for financial support to a consumer if the request can be perceived as a claim for payment.

As an example; sending a pre-filled invoice with amount, account number and payment deadlines entered will no longer be allowed.

How to avoid phone sales

If you have not yet reserved yourself against unsolicited mail or telephone sales via Brønøysund and have a Norwegian ID number, you should do so immediately. The page is currently only available in Norwegian, but only requires you to enter your 11 digit ID number to avoid unsolicited calls and snail mail.


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