Beer sales increase in the heat, especially strong brands

BeerBeer. Photo: Norway Today Media

With summer temperatures around or over 30 degrees,people buy more beer in Norway, which counteracts the negative effects of sugar tax and Swedish trade.
“In the past four weeks, beer sales have increased by 9% compared to last year. Everyone in the industry is aware of this,’’ said Hansa Borg-chief, Lars Gill,to Dagens Næringsliv newspaper.

Gill drew attention to two consumer trends that have entered in parallel with the heat: Brand loyalty increases, so that the big breweries’ regulars sell even better than usual, while the grocery chain brands decline. Another phenomenon is a particularly big increase in the sale of non-alcoholic beer, where the increase has been 20%.

The industry earlier this year was dissatisfied with sales, and complained of the sugar tax and Swedish trade. Gill pointed out that the summer beer sales only provide a temporary boost.

“We will notice the problems again in September,” he said morosely, staring into the distance with eyes fixed pessimistically on the blazing sun.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today