Billion contract for Havyard for ferries

Havyard electrical ferryHavyard Ferry. Illustration: Havyard

Billion contract for Havyard for ferries

Fjord1 has chosen Havyard to build five of its new ferries to be delivered in 2018 and 2019.


Total contract value is just over NOK one billion.

In a press release from Havyard, Fjord1 chief Dagfinn Neteland says that it was tough competition for the contracts.

– With these ferries we take advantage of the potential of digitization, giving both us and Fjord1 a solid foothold in the future and the fourth industrial revolution, says Havyard’s CEO Geir Johan Bakke in a press release.

First outside Førde since 2013

With this contract, the victory series of the ship design company Multi Maritime in Førde is broken.

As far as Sysla is able to find out, there are no other design companies that have won a contract with a Norwegian ferry company since the autumn of 2013, before Havyard has now landed this contract with their own design.

– It is exciting that they now get a challenger. This is our first ferry design, as we have used our expertise from offshore to design. We think there will be some great ferries, says CEO Bakke to Sysla.

Per Sævik is the majority shareholder in both Havyard and Fjord 1. However, the contracts have not fallen into the lap of Havyard that reason, says Bakke.

– We understand the question, but here we have won because we are best at price and product. The Majority owners have not been involved in the process at any time, it has been handled by the administration, says Bakke.

Battery operated

Havyard Design & Solutions has a virtual model tank with continuous computer simulation on hull design. Hundreds of different hull lines have been tested in the model tank to optimize energy consumption in these conditions.

All equipment on the ferries is scheduled to run on battery, while there is full backup with diesel engines for longer power outages.

– we can now deliver a ferry that runs on battery all the time.

At the shipyard in Leirvik in Sogn, Havyard Ship Technology already has three ferries under construction.

According to the press release, Havyard built data models for these specific ferry links where one looks at the various phases of the crossing and also combine it with various weather data.

– Environmental requirements for the all-electric ferries meant we had to go extremely study that will save energy. Then we could use the tools we have developed over time and used in other segments. With these tools we made detailed and reliable calculations with many variations, and now we got the reward. It is nothing new for us to be involved in design processes with stringent environmental requirements.

Autonomous vessels

Three of the ferries going into the stretch Hareid – Sulesund and two on Magerholm – Sykkylven, both in Møre og Romsdal. The ferries are 111 meters long and will carry 120 cars.

In the process of developing the ferries, steps are also taken towards autonomous vessels. Among other things, data tools are used to drive the ferries in the most energy efficient way regardless of who is on the bridge.

Havyard Design & Solutions delivers design and engineering, Havyard Ship Technology will build the ferries while Power & Systems supplies hybrid propulsion systems, bridge solutions and automation, battery- , charging- and electrical systems.


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