Billion-dollar gains for Norwegian investors during the Coronavirus crisis

New rules requiring reporting of short sales, Distrust of Trump Oslo Stock Exchange Oslo BørsOslo Børs (Stock Exchange). Photo: Stein Henningsen

Investments in Norwegian health and biotechnology stocks have given Norwegian investors gains of almost NOK 14 billion during the Coronavirus crisis.

The battle for vaccine and treatment of the coronavirus has sent biotechnology and health-related stocks up on the Oslo Stock Exchange, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

According to recent figures from the Oslo Stock Exchange, the total value of such Norwegian shares has almost doubled, to NOK 28 billion. Investor Jan Haudemann-Andersen alone has had a profit of half a billion kroner since January.

The cancer vaccine companies Vaccibody and Ultimovacs, the pharmaceutical company Bergenbio and the biotechnology company Arcticzymes are among the companies that top the statistics. The latter has had a value increase of as much as 742 percent since the New Year.

However, the billion-dollar gains have not been realized – so far, the newspaper writes.

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