Billion kroner contract for Norwegian weapons in the United States

United States FlagPhoto: Pixabay

Kongeberg Group has won a contract worth NOK 6.9 billion to deliver Norwegian-developed NSM missiles to the US Navy.


It is through its American partner, Raytheon, that the Kongsberg Group were awarded the contract. ‘’There are many years of work behind this,’’ wrote E24 newspaper. Naval Strike Missile’s will form part of what the US Navy calls “Over the Horizon Weapon Systems” on US frigates.

The Kongsberg Group gave the news in a stock exchange announcement late on Thursday night, but there is otherwise sparse information. An announcement by the US Department of Defence indicated that the contract has a fixed portion of $14.86 million, equivalent to NOK 114 million.Furthermore, options are worth $847.6 million, approximately NOK 6.9 billion.

It was further stated that 78% of the rocket work will take place in Norway,75% at the Kongsberg Group itself and 3% at Raufoss. The rest will take place in the United States and Germany.

The agreement may also open for further deliveries to future US frigates, wrote E24.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today