Billion kroner contract to Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace

OSLO. NASAMS, Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System, at the Fortress Square in Oslo.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace has been awarded a contract of NOK 1.6 billion for parts for the Australian air defense system.

The contract has been signed with Raytheon Australia, which is the main supplier of NASAMS air defense system to Australian authorities, the Norwegian company said on Thursday.

We are pleased that Australia has chosen NASAMS. The system’s continuous technological evolution and the fact that more and more countries are choosing NASAMS confirms that it is the world’s most modern air defense system, says CEO Eirik Lie at Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace.

Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) is produced by Norwegian Kongsberg and American Raytheon, and Lie denotes it as the backbone of many nations’ air defense solutions for many years to come.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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