Billions to roads and paths have created 8,000 new jobs

Road constructionRoad construction.Photo: Norway Today Media

New billions invested in roads and pathways has increased employment by 7,846 full time jobs during the past four years.

This is shown in a report that Socio-Economic Analysis have undertaken on behalf of Fremskrittspartiet (Frp).

‘We wanted to show the employment impact of all the transportation and road building activities during this period.

The results are better than I thought,’ said Frp’s fiscal spokesman, Hans Andreas Limi, to NTB news agency.

The report shows that expenses for operations, maintenance and investments have increased by 19, 25 and 52% respectively between 2013 and 2017.

The total effects are estimated to have boosted employment from 34,900 full time jobs in 2013, to 42,713 in 2017.

Of a total increase in new jobs of just over 7,900, 1,700 were created in operation, while 6,200 full time jobs are linked to maintenance. The calculations come from a total of five sectors with indirect employment effects.
The researchers behind the report haven’t considered the extent to which the increased activity in the transport sector has detracted from other value creation and employment.

‘If growth capacity in society has almost peaked, there is obviously a danger that this could happen. But the transport effort has happened during a period of sharp decline in oil and gas revenues,’ said Limi.

If employment growth in the transport sector is of a lasting nature is another question. Limi assumes that it is, referring to the new national transport plan of 1,000 billion.

‘When a project is completed, new projects will follow. And the need for maintenance is permanent’, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today