BP will cut 4,000 employees – Norway will get hit

British BP LogoBP will cut 4,000 employees
British BP will get rid of 4,000 employees worldwide. The cuts, according to BP Norway also affect the staff in Norway.
– It is true that BP has announced these cuts today. It will take time before we know the consequences of this for BP in Norway, but it is well appropriate to say that we can expect a significant decrease as well, says Jan Erik Geirmo, spokesman for BP Norway, to the web paper E24.
Tuesday it became known that BP will cut its workforce with  4,000 employees. Of these are 600 jobs in the North Sea, which constitute 20 percent of the staff there. According to Sky News, should North Sea cuts happen by the end of 2017 and includes both permanent employees and contractors.
The decision comes as a result of the low oil prices, a situation that does not seem to improve with the first.
– We have for a long time tried  to get a correct cost base, with simplification and streamlining. But with steadily declining oil prices, we must, and everyone else in the industry, make a greater grip, says Geirmo