The building industry believes in the future, but they need more people

building industryBuilding industry.Photo Pixabay

This year’s economic barometer for the  building industry association  (BNL) show that companies are more positive this year than last year, and wants to increase the hiring.

But the big challenge is to get hold of qualified workers, and the growth stops  in many firms because they can not reach qualified labors.

In all, 40 percent of the companies are hiring workers this year and half  take in apprentices. BNL writes that it is the first time so many companies say they will employ as in this latest survey.

That there are so many as 36 percent of the companies who  struggling to obtain skilled workers is worrisome. Fafo has projected a demand of 7,000 to 8,000 new workers per year until 2030.

The National Association wants the apprentice clause reversed to 500,000,  so small and medium-sized enterprises also will be required to take in apprentices.

Still there are coastal counties in general and Rogaland especially stands negatively. The inland counties appears to have  stabilize after a small comeback in 2015, while Telemark have not continued might looked like a negative trend in recent years.

There is a significant growth in businesses who believe that 2017 better than the year before. For the first time since 2013, it is now more who think it gets better than that believe in an unchanged market situation.

Several companies expects a profit a profit between 3 and 6 percent this year compared to last year, and slightly fewer expect to run at a loss.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today