Bus chauffeurs are to be taxed for ‘free’ passes from the New Year

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From the New Year, the country’s bus drivers lose the right to travel for free in a county. The bus passes the driver gets to themselves and their family, is now to be taxed.

After having to postpone the tax twice, the country’s bus drivers from January 1, 2020 will be taxed for the benefit they have of getting a free bus pass for themselves and their families in their own county. The consequence for many will be that they will no longer accept the exemption card offered by their employer.

“In reality, many drivers will say that they will be waived. The bus drivers thus lose an important advantage without giving any money in the state budget,” says Per Ole Melgård in the Joint Federation’s industry council to the Class Fight.

In Møre og Romsdal, the free card is worth NOK 78,000 for a family with two children. As of New Year, drivers must pay tax NOK 21,840 if their tax is at 28 percent. According to Møre and Romsdal Transport Workers’ Association, this becomes too expensive for many employees, who announce the settlement of taxation at the next wage settlement.

“I have heard from several that they would rather give up the card and buy a cheap car. The exemption card has been in the collective bargaining agreement for years. The state is weakening wage conditions for bus drivers,” says Jack Narve Sæther in the association.

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  1. Truck driver is much better job. Better payment, not fight with the people hole day, not guilty for every delay. I do not see reason someone to be a bus driver

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