Can’t deliver enough electric cars

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If you are not on one of the waiting lists, you can look far and wide for a family electric car for a while. Car importers simply do not manage to deliver enough cars. Several of the new models coming this autumn can’t be ordered today. When they’ll be on sale again is uncertain. This could last for two to three years if nothing changes said Camilla Ryste, Communications Manager in NAF. She believes that the situation is reminiscent of the 1950’s rationing of cars and that the problem is car importers.


“Norwegian car importers appear to be paralyzed and do not manage to provide enough cars to cover the demand for electric cars in Norway. Either they have underestimated the growth in the market, or they have not been tough enough in the negotiations with the European producers. Both problems are equally unacceptable’’ said Ryste.

The market does not deliver well enough

She thinks that the long waiting lists must end.

‘’Waiting lists of up to two years must be consigned to history. Now we see that you can resell a Hyundai Kona for NOK 100,000 more than you paid for the new one, it’s a sign that something isn’t working.

NAF believes politicians must understand what is happening. The politicians have decided that by 2025 all new cars will be zero emission.

“We are removing this goal from month to month because the market does not deliver well enough. Last year we were ahead of schedule, but this year the distance to the 2025 target increases by 1300 electric cars each month.

Despite the current electric car sales in Norway, so far this year, 10,000 electric cars are on schedule to reach the target in 2025 – or about one-third of the waiting list’’ she said.

By 2025, all new cars sold will be zero-emission cars. In practice, this means hydrogen cars or electric cars.

The Transport Economics Institute (TØI) has calculated how many new electric cars must be sold each year to reach the target. By 2018, 66,000 electric cars must be sold, or about 5,500 per month. Currently, we will sell approximately 50,000 cars in 2018, or 4,200 per month.


Source: NRK / #Norway Today


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