Car sales declined in April, but electric car sales are increasing

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In April, 11,255 new passenger cars were registered in this country.

That is 2,800 fewer than in April 2018, corresponding to a decrease of 27.3%. Electric car sales are increasing.

Four out of ten passenger cars purchased last month were a zero emission vehicle – a market share of 39.6%. By comparison, the market share in April 2018 was 25.4% according to the Norwegian Road Traffic Information Authority (OFV).

A total of 4,462 new passenger cars with zero emissions were registered in April. This is 896 more (+ 25.1 per cent) than in April 2018. Seven of the new passenger cars with zero emissions that were registered in April were hydrogen cars – the rest were electric cars.

18.4% of all newly registered passenger cars had only diesel engines; in April 2018 the share was 19.3%. 20.4% of the new passenger cars had only a gasoline engine, while the gasoline share in 2018 was 26.1%. In total, diesel and petrol-powered passenger cars had a market share of 38.8% in April.

April was a month with fewer registration days than in April last year due to Easter and two days downtime in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration’s computer system. That means fewer registrations than in a normal month and may have something to do with the decline.

In total, 11,255 new passenger cars were registered in April, down 27.3% compared with April 2018. However, after the first four months of the year, car sales were 3.9% ahead of last year.

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