Car sales increased in September


In September, the 13 854 new cars been registered which is 11.5 percent more than what has been registered in September last year while fewer and fewer have diesel engines.

Compared with the average car sales in the month of September for the ten previous years, this year’s September figures shows 30.3 percent higher, according to figures from Opplysningsrådet for traffic center.

Volkswagen is the top-selling car brand so far this year (20,068), followed by Toyota (13.513). BMW standing in third place with 8,473 cars sold.

Diesel share in September, close to 28 percent which is 12 percent less than last September. Over 53 percent of newly registered passenger cars in September are the one with gasoline engine.

It was registered 3.991 new hybrid vehicles in September which has an increase of nearly 155 percent compared with September last year.

In total 2,628 new electric vehicles registered in September. It represents an increase of nearly 500 compared with September last year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today