Car traffic has fallen sharply – more than every third car is gone

Bryn in Oslo.: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Traffic in Norwegian cities has dropped in one week. More than one third of the cars during rush hour traffic in Oslo and Bergen, is gone.

156,042 toll passes were registered during morning rush hour in Oslo between 06:00 and 09:00. There are 39.8 percent fewer passes than on the previous Wednesday, NRK reports.

Traffic fell as early as Friday, one week ago, the day after Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) presented the drastic measures to curb the Coronavirus spread.

Then there were 26 percent fewer tolls during the morning rush hour in the capital than the previous Friday.

– “There has never been such a significant reduction in traffic when we look at comparable days,” says communications adviser Tone Hansen Finstad in the mountain company Fjellinjen.

The trend is the same in Bergen. Here, the number of passes through a toll station has fallen by 100,000 passes in one week. From 276,004 passes down to 171,411 passes from Tuesday 10 March to Tuesday the following week. This is a decrease of 37.9 percent. So more than every third car was gone.

Norwegians have also reduced the transfer between different municipalities by 60-65 percent, figures from Telenor show.

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