Card usage increased in October

Visa cardsVisa cards.Photo: Pixabay

162.2 million card purchases were carried out in this country in October this year. This corresponds to a growth of almost 4.8 percent compared with October last year.


It appears in new numbers from Nets and BankAxept. According to the figures, this October, has the highest growth in turnover with payment cards, for the year, so far. Payment cards for trade of goods and services were used for almost NOK 53 billion.

Bank cards with BankAxept were used in October, 137.8 million times, and BankAxept was trading for more than 42.2 billion.

In addition to BankAxept cards, card usage is distributed on various international cards, credit cards and electronic gift cards.

There is also been good growth in cardless/cashless payments. During October, this choice was used almost 5.3 million times with BankAxept cards, an increase of 22.1 percent compared to September.

“When customers attach their bankcards to cardless/cashless app options the payment transfers much faster, which is effective for both customers and retailers,” says Vegar Heir, commercial manager of Vipps AS, which BankAxept is now a part of.


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