Cargo ship with engine failure investigated by the police

Cargo ship Tide CarrierStavanger. Cargo ship Tide Carrier.Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

The police have started to investigate into the background of the cargo ship that had an engine failure outside Jæren, south of Stavanger, in February.

– We have started an investigation to uncover any violations of the Pollution Control Act, police prosecutor Trygve Ritland in West Police District confirms to Stavanger Aftenblad on Saturday.

– No further comment at present.

The Environment Agency last week said that they impose the freighter Harrier to remain in Gismarvik harbour until they are assured that the ship will be illegally scrapped, and that the large amounts of oily waste onboard is delivered to appropriate treatment in Norway.

The ship Tide Carrier, now renamed to Harrier, had engine failure outside Jæren on February. 22nd. After a rescue mission the freighter was towed to Gismarvik harbour where it has been laid up since.

– We believe it is highly likely that the Harrier was on its way to the illegal scrapping in Pakistan, Director of the Environment Directorate, Ellen Hambro, said last week. Section Manager Einar Knutsen of the Directorate believes the waste onboard does not come from normal operation of the ship.

– Although it is still unclear what type of waste this is, we believe this is waste that fall under border crossing regulations, which require a license from us to be exported, he said to the newspaper.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today