Checking for dangerous eggs

EggsEggs. Photo: Norway Today Media

Checking for contaminated eggs that may have come to Norway

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is checking on whether eggs with a dangerous insecticide may have come to Norway through processed products.
Tuesday last week there was a recall on several million eggs to be withdrawn from stores and markets in several European countries after it was discovered that the products were contaminated by the insecticide fipronil from farms in the Netherlands.

The import of eggs to Norway is low, and according to Statistics Norway, Norway has not imported fresh chicken eggs from the Netherlands in over 30 years.

European scandal

Nevertheless, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority is now checking to see if whether or not eggs from these affected farms may have come to Norway through imported finished products, writes the Nation.

The scandal has led to the removal of eggs from store shelves around Europe, including Luxembourg, Romania and Denmark.

The United Kingdom reports that they have imported 700,000 eggs from Dutch farms that are linked to the case.

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