Children Hijab caused controversy at the national convention of Right

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The proposal to ban the hijab in elementary school had its wording changed and toned down, but it still did not get the support of the majority of the delegates at the national convention of Right, the Conservative party.

The proposal to ban the hijab on children in elementary school was originally put forward by  Nord Trøndelag Right.
The proposal attracted strong debate even in the weeks before the congress, and when the discussion got underway, the wording was changed  to that children in elementary schools will be shielded from the use of hijabs at school.
The much weaker wording did not, however,  bring the proposal enough support for it to be approved when it was voted on that Saturday afternoon.
The hijab debate raised the temperature on an otherwise exceptionally calm  congress.
– I have tentatively decided to support the proposal. It has never been different to be cool. This is not the children’s own choice,  Jana Midelfart Hoss of Sor-Trondelag said.
– contrary to the freedom of choice
The delegates from regional branches of areas inhabited by many immigrants were the most skeptical to imposing restriction on clothing. One delegate said that “the fear of hijab is inversely proportional to how often you see them.”
– We have never been a party that has tried to limit the freedom of choice, so why should we suddenly begin to vacillate now,  Thea Kristine Schjerven from Oslo asked. She noted that the Oslo schools have a more pragmatic approach, and asked congress to rely more on the parents.
Several expressed skepticism towards society regulating how people dress.
– I do not like bans. For instance, I do not like bans on hoodies or small crosses in the neck at NRK program managers, although I personally would like to see  onepiece, sagging and crocks banned. But this proposal does not suit us. Please “undress” the proposal,  Lene Westgaard from Vestfold said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today