China puts investment record in Europe

Flag of ChinaFlag of China. Photo Wikipedia

Chinese investment in EU countries is as never before. Last year set a new record with investments of about 320 billion.

This means that China’s investment in the EU increased by 76 percent compared with the year before, according to a new report by the research institute Rhodium Group and Mercator Institute for China Studies.
Altogether, it made Chinese investment of close to 1.720 billion on foreign markets last year, which is also a record.
The EU is Chinese investors’ favorite market, but European investors are not as excited about China. They invested 70 billion in China in 2016, less than a quarter of what the Chinese did in the EU.
According to the researchers, the increase in China’s foreign direct investment was so dramatic that the Chinese government has put on the brakes to stop the capital flow out of the country.
Among other things, they have implemented measures to stop fraudulent transactions.
The authors of the report believe the reason for European investors’ resistence when it comes to China, is due to the growth in China slowing, and problems in entering the Chinese markets.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today