Chinese woman stopped with NOK 920,000

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Chinese woman stopped with NOK 920,000 at Gardermoen

A Chinese woman has been sentenced to nine months in prison after being stopped at Oslo Airport Gardermoen with nearly NOK 1 million hidden in her luggage.


The Norwegian Customs currency dogs revealed on May 11th that the woman in her sixties brought with her NOK 814,250, SEK 23,160, €12,130, HKD 390, CNY 100 and CZK 2,200, according to the local newspaper Romerikes Blad. All in all the cash was worth approximately NOK 920.000.

In court, the woman claimed that the money was stemming from a house sale in China and that she was in Norway to exchange the Norwegian currency into Euro. The explanation did not pass muster with the Upper Romerike District Court.

The woman explained that she at first visited a casino in Rotterdam to exchange the money.

– According to the accused, she received the money wrapped in newspaper, and when she went to the toilet to count them turned out she had not received euros but notes in a to her hitherto unknown currency. It turned out that the money was Norwegian – and that she, therefore, decided to travel to Norway to attempt to exchange the Norwegian cash into euro here, the verdict states.

The court’s majority concludes that the explanation was «construed and untrustworthy» and therefore sentenced her to jail for illegal handling of dividends, according to the newspaper.


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