The Christian Democratic Party wants to quadruple the one-time support at birth

Olaug V. Bollestad (KrF) Christian Democrats GovernmentOlaug V. Bollestad (Christian Democrats).Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Christian Democratic Party (KrF) wants to increase the lump sum grant to a minimum of parental benefits for all, to about 180,000 kroner.

– The one-time support – the gravest injustice in family policy must be fixed. We will fight to get it into the state budget for 2017, writes Christian Democrat deputy Olaug V. Bollestad in an opinion piece in the newspaper Dagen.
She writes that there is a deep injustice in the Norwegian system in that economically disadvantageous have children early in life, and that society today adds up to childbearing in their 30s and 40s instead of 20s.
Bollestad is surprised over lack of initiative and willingness of other parties to raise the one-time support.
– This period we have managed to increase it from 35.263 million in 2013 to 46.000 million in 2016. But the Christian Democratic Party believes the lump sum grant should be increased to a minimum of parental benefits to all on 2G, about 180,000 kroner, she writes further.
Vice chairman thinks it is unfair in a lifetime, athat  woman who gave birth at one point in life, will receive much less support than a woman who gives birth at another point in the life cycle.
– A woman should not have to wait to have children because studies have not been completed or the job is not in place – because existing schemes tells her that it is “wrong time,” writes Bollestad in her opinion piece.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today