Christmas food to provide triple sales in December

Christmas foodChristmas food.Photo: Mattilsynet

In Oslo, the butcher shop Strøm-Larsen expects to sell nearly 25 tonnes of Christmas food this year. This means a tripling of sales in December.


The organization, Virke, estimates that every Norwegian will shop for close to NOK 11,040 this December. In total, it is estimated that NOK 58.5 billion will be spent at stores this December. Much of this will go for Christmas food.

Many have already started Christmas shopping, but Christmas dinner many will buy in December, which one of Oslo’s oldest butchers stores clearly marks.

“In December we triple revenue from NOK 3 million to NOK 9 million,” says Jan Strøm-Larsen, butchers.

And it’s not just big numbers in kroner. In total, this business estimates the sale of about 25 tons of Christmas food this Christmas. It ranges between 12 and 14 tons of pork ribs and around 6-7 tons of pinnekjøtt.

“In the days up to Christmas Eve we sell over 1 ton of Christmas food every day,” says Strøm-Larsen.

When it comes to Christmas food, Norwegians are very traditional, also in the more urban capital. Attempts to try game instead for Christmas dinner, is not feasible, so new Christmas food trends have very poor results in Norway. It is limited to the pâtés makers and their pâtés.


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