More Christmas presents are bought online

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E-commerce of Christmas presents is in progress. This year, 44 percent of Norwegians are planning to shop online for gifts.


In a Christmas shopping survey from Nets, 51 percent of those who plan to give Christmas presents say they will start shopping in November.

In total, they expect to spend 2,188 kr on online gifts. It is about the same amount as last year.

“It is also interesting to see that an increasing portion of online shopping is done more than before. Of the online shoppers, it’s expected that 45 percent will buy at least half of their gifts online,” says Stein-Arne Tjore, Press Officer for Nets in Norway.

At the same time, fewer indicate that they do not think they are going to shop gifts online. This year that amount is 34 percent.

“Of those who do not plan to shop Christmas presents online, 53 percent answered that the reason for this was that they like going to stores to get inspiration or to get help if they need it,” says Tjore.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today