Christmas survey: Norwegians believe gifts – especially homemade – are more important due to corona

ChristmasChristmas.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Christmas is more important this year due to the coronavirus situation, according to one in three Norwegians in DNB’s Christmas survey. For more than half, a Christmas without gifts is out of the question.

Only 35% answered that they could imagine going without gifts this year. The figures differ from similar surveys in previous years, where a higher proportion of Norwegians wished for a gift-free Christmas.

“When you do not get to see each other as much as before, it is quite clear that gifts and Christmas cards will be extra important this year,” consumer economist Silje Sandmæl in DNB told news bureau NTB.

Adult women want gifts

Slightly more women (57%) than men (47%) said they could not imagine cutting out gifts this Christmas.

People aged 30–59, in particular, do not want to stop with the tradition of gifts, while the youngest and the oldest are more open to dropping gifts altogether.

One in three Norwegians also said that they think Christmas has more importance this year precisely because of the coronavirus situation.

More than half, 53%, said that they will support local businesses to a greater extent in Christmas shopping this year.

New trend

At the same time, many experienced poorer finances this year, which is reflected in another trend in this year’s survey – people have turned to giving and receiving homemade gifts.

As many as 71% of Norwegians think it’s nice to receive homemade gifts, while 55% think it’s nice to make and give homemade gifts this year.

“As so many people want homemade gifts, all that’s left is to start knitting, baking, painting, or doing other things you know will be fun. It is usually not the price of the gift that counts, but the idea and feeling behind it,” Sandmæl added.

Trend researcher Lisbeth Larsen pointed out that the joy of giving and receiving homemade things with roots in tradition and has been a growing trend.

She believes it has gained momentum during the coronavirus period, and with all the time that people have spent at home.

“It is incredibly nice to get something others have made when you know that they have done something for you. It is also very nice to get praise for what we have made as well. And this year, many had more time to brew that beer and bake that sourdough bread at home. I hope I get such gifts this year,” she noted.

Used gifts

She also predicts that there will be many used gifts under the Christmas tree this year, small hidden treasures people have found for each other, another twist on something “self-made” and personal.

The annual survey is conducted in connection with the Consumer Barometer for the second half of the year.

It’s carried out by Ipsos AS for DNB.

This year, 1,000 people over the age of 18 were interviewed in the period between November 17 and 24.

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