Christmas tree manufacturers say they have to close down because of competition from big chains

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Cheap Christmas trees at large chains mean that small producers are no longer able to make a living from sales, says the organization Norsk Juletre.

Several small Norwegian producers are reporting that they will stop production due to fierce competition, says general manager John-Anders Strande in Norsk Juletre for the Nationen.

– There are especially smaller producers this goes beyond, which cannot deliver on large contracts, says Strande.

Mainly it applies to Trøndelag, Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland.

Coop started selling Christmas trees two years ago, which has led to fierce competition. Several manufacturers have had to cut prices sharply. Some lose as much as 40 percent, according to Strande.

Communications Manager Harald Kristiansen in Coop points out that they buy trees from Norwegian producers. Last year, the chain sold 40,000 trees to Norwegian customers.

– We do this because we, as owned by the customers, see that the members want this. That is why we are running the same campaign this year and hope to sell more. We buy trees from Norwegian producers, a total of 28, who deliver to Norsk Juletreservice. So the Christmas tree manufacturers sell a lot to us, says Kristiansen.

Norwegians bought around 1.4 million Christmas trees in 2018. Around 1 million Christmas trees were produced in Norway last year, while around 400,000 trees were imported, mainly from Denmark, to meet demand.

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