Churchwarden convicted of embezzlement

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Churchwarden convicted of embezzlement and breach of trust

A former churchwarden is sentenced to one year in prison for breach of trust and embezzlement. He must also pay NOK 830,000 in compensation.

The Eidsivating Court of Appeal stated that the former churchman was running a “shop inside the shop” and, among other things, rented out church rooms and service cars in his spare time, NRK reports.

He supposedly also has emptied accounts belonging to the church council and used the money for purposes other than for which they were intended. The man claims that he did not use the money privately. He says the money was spent on ecclesiastical activity without the decision of the Ecclesiastical Council.

Ten years

In total, the court considers that the man has accrued NOK 1.7 million illegally, but largely accepts the explanation that the man has not had any particular financial gain. At the same time, the court believes that he has been generous with money to himself and others and finds that part of the money can not be accounted for because he has cooked the books.

It is emphasized that the man has abused a trusted position for over 10 years. The man received a penalty rebate because he is willing to make up for himself.


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