Collision course with the Paris Agreement

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Report: Norway’s oil plans on collision course with the Paris Agreement

Norway’s planned oil and gas production for the years to come is not consistent with the direction that must be taken to reach the climate targets, according to a report.


The climate think tank Oil Change International has conducted its own national studies, and Norway is the first country, writes Dagbladet, who has been granted access to the report.

The report states that Norway’s emission rate with proposed and projected new oil and gas fields is not in line with the level of global emission cuts that are needed to reach the climate targets in the Paris Agreement.

It is also apparent that the proposed and projected fields will lead to 150 per cent more emissions than is the case from fields in operation today and that Norway is the world’s seventh largest exporter of emissions.

Controlled phasing out

– This means one thing, we must stop looking for oil and gas. Nobody thinks we should shutdown production tomorrow, but to stop exploration is the least we can do, says Leader of the Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvernforbundet), Silje Ask Lundberg.

She asks Norwegian politicians to take responsibility.

– No matter who controls the country after the election, they have to look at how to start controlled phasing out of the industry, Lundberg says.



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