Organisations lack manpower for over 26.500 jobs

NurseTRONDHEIM.Nurse. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX NB! Modellklarert.

Norwegian companies lack manpower equivalent  to 26,500 people – 5,700 more than last year, according to figures from  NAV. The needs are greatest within the healthcare sector, as well as building and construction.

In particular there is a great shortage of nurses, with 3,300 positions in total. There is also lack of other health care workers, specialist nurses and other health professionals. The health care sector has warned of a shortfall in manpower of 8050 people.
Besides healthcare professions , construction companies in this year’s survey announced a great shortage in various types of skilled workers , where the deficit is estimated to be 4.550 workers.
The total demand is for 26,500 positions to be filled across the country. In number terms, the need is greatest in Oslo with 4,900 positions to be filled, but in relation to the population figure the need is greatest in the counties of Nordland and Finnmark.
The labor shortage is now lowest in Rogaland, which is linked to the sharp rise in unemployment that we have seen here over the past two years.
But whilst there is great demand for more workers, there is little expectation among the companies surveyed that they will increase their workforce next year. Only every fifth company – 21 percent of businesses – will employ more staff next year , whilst 12 percent responded that they will have fewer staff.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today