Complaint Record at the Consumer Ombudsman

Elisabeth Lier HaugsethPhoto.Forbrukerombudet.Elisabeth Lier Haugseth

Consumer Ombudsman has notified a tougher fight against illegal and misleading marketing, especially in real estate, alternative therapies, the consumer and television industry.

Digitization particularly is creating new challenges, says Elisabeth Lier Haugseth, on Thursday as she presented the strategy for 2017.
– Digitization means that we can trade travel, services and goods online, manage home sales ourself and check our health using a multitude of new applications.
We will work to ensure that trade on the new platforms will take place in an orderly and lawful manner, says Haugseth.
The Consumer Ombudsman will especially crackdown on illegal marketing. Last year, the ombudsman received in total 12,757 typewritten complaints and tips on violations of marketing law. It is a new record.
Lines newspaper, electricity and property mediation is lowest in price among Consumers.
– Consumers react to unsolicited telemarketing and deceptive marketing, says Haugseth.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today