Concerns about deaths among foreign workers

foreign workersWorkers. Photo:Pixabay

Labour Inspectorate concerned about percentage of deaths among foreign workers

The percentage of foreign workers who’ve died at work has increased. It’s a cause for concern, said Monica Seem, Director of the Labour Inspectorate.


According to the Labour Inspectorate’s overview of occupational injuries in 2016, the number was the lowest in 40 years. But among foreign workers, their prercentage of the total number was higher. Seem said that the Labor Inspectorate are worried about the figures.

The federal leader in the LO-connected EL and IT Union for energy, electrical engineering, telecommunications and IT workers, Jan Olav Andersen, told Klassekampen that there is reason for large concern.

‘This is certainly not a coincidence, and it is completely unacceptable that it’s more dangerous for foreign workers than Norwegian. That’s not how it should be, but it turns out that’s how it is’, he said.

Does not belong to unions

Ten of the 25 who died at work in onshore work last year were foreign workers. This corresponds to 40% of all onshore occupational injuries. Andersen believes there are two primary reasons.

‘One reason is that foreign workers are out of the unionised workplace. The fear of losing their job if they warn of the dangers is another element. The other is that a large number of foreign workers are here through companies that are disreputable’ said Andersen.

The Labour Inspectorate has now launched an internal analysis report, to provide answers to the background for these figures.


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