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Police incapacitated by data failure

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A major police computer went down for a whole day on Tuesday last week.

The so-named BL system (basic solutions) went down after lunch, reported the trade journal Police Forum.

The system was still completely inaccessible to all police districts on Wednesday morning, confirmed the Police Directorate to the news agency NTB.

The system is a case management program for criminal data and documents.

That system going down means the police are unable to access criminal data, and must find other means to write reports and record interrogations.

In addition to the whole of Thursday last week, the system also went down for several hours in both April and June. In the days following the shut-downs, the system characteristically suffers inertia and instability.

‘Police ICT services work on a broad front to find the underlying causes of instability, and they keep the agency regularly updated on status’, said Acting ICT director Wilfried Østgulen in the Directorate for Police Forum.

The system also communicates with a number of other police computing systems, but the extent to which these are affected is not known.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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