Confusing rules on beer sales from online stores

Wine and alcopops sales up, beer and spirits downA cold beer. Photo Norway Today Media

Several municipalities have banned the sale of beer from online sources but have met with resistance. Health Minister, Bent Høie (Høyre), has asked the Directorate of Health to review the regulations.

Vårt Land wrote that both Nes and Lørenskog in Akershus have said no to online stores selling beer to customers.

The decision in Lørenskog was justified in part because it is difficult to control online beer sales.

The online store,, said that they must have permission from all municipalities where they deliver beer that has been ordered on-line. So far, ten municipalities have supplied permits, they’ve received two refusals, and one more refusal has been notified.

Bård Hoksrud in Fremskrittspartiet (FRP) has requested that there be simpler rules.

‘Frp believes that companies that sell groceries via online shops should only need a national sales license for beer, such as Vinmonopolet has’, he said.

Health Minister, Bent Høie, acknowledges that legislation has not taken account of the online sales from grocery shops.

He wrote in a letter to Parliament that he has asked the Health Directorate to determine whether there is a need for changes in legislation.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today