The Conservatives ‘super Minister’ with frontal attack on Labour

Minister of Local Government and Modernisation Jan Tore Sanner ( Conservative Party ) freedom of speechMinister of Local Government and Modernisation Jan Tore Sanner ( Conservative Party ). Photo Norway Today Media

Minister for Modernisation, Jan Tore Sanner (Conservatives) fear Labour wants to reverse so many of his reforms that the he must be replaced with a Minister of reversal if the opposition wins the election.

Minister of Modernisation, Jan Tore Sanner (Conservatives) believes that Labour is trying to turning back the clock.

Minister Jan Tore Sanner, dubbed the Super Minister to Prime Minister Erna Solberg, have lost his patience regarding Labours intention to torpedo the reforms the Conservatives (H) and the Progressive Party (FrP) are conducting in government.

– If there is a change in government after this fall’s election, the Labour leader, Støre, will require a Minister for Reversal instead of one for Modernisation, says Sanner.

Broadside after broadside against Labour (AP)

He said the government are not implementing reforms for reforms’ own sake, or to change Norway, but because Norway is changed.

Now he shakes his head over the fact that the Labour Party, in his opinion, wants to reverse a series of necessary measures. Such as:
. Reformation in the number of Counties.
. Reformation to the number of Provinces.
. The Railway Reform.
. The Road Reform.
. Freedom of choice for regarding treatment.
. Absence limits for high school students.

– The Labour leader wants to turn back the clock, and is moving closer and closer to the Farmers’ Party (SP). It almost looks as Minister leads a reversal option, not an alternative for Government, says Sanner.

He thinks Labour will be punished over this in the elections.

– I think it’s going to provoke Labour’s voters. They have traditionally been concerned with building the country. They have talked about a regional reform for decades, but now, when implemented, they sit on the sidelines, says Sanner.

– Is not it just as expected that Labour wants something different for the country than the current government?

– Of course, but now they are turning their coats to the wind and are changing views more often than people are changing shirts, says Sanner.

Sanner is firing out accusations as often people change their socks, approximately once a day, retorts the Labour Party’s second in command, Hadia Tajik.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today